All the tools you’ll ever need.

If you want to record a DJ set or do a live performance using your own beats - Stereosun can handle both. It is stable and packed with standard sound controls and other exciting features.

"You don't even
need an external controller anymore"

− iTunes Store App Review

Stereosun play button

Your new play button.

But it sure isn't a regular one. This little fella stacks up a muti-layered details and information about the track.

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More tracks, more fun!

Import your tracks from Dropbox, iTunes Library, iTunes File Sharing or using AudioCopy. They are automatically scanned for BPM and other data. Create and manage your playlists and save them for later use.

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Record your set

You can record your set using the red button in the left sidebar. This sidebar also includes effects that you can drag and drop onto the board. To use effects, connect them to your tracks.

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  • Reverb
  • Flanger
  • High Pass
  • Low Pass
  • Delay
  • Roll

Sets Wanted.

Record a video or audio of your set with Stereosun and drop us a YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud link. If it's cool, we will promote it through our social network channels and give you a free Stereosun t-shirt!

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Check out
this live set.

Mixed and recorded 100% with Stereosun.

Key features

Here’s just a few of things you can do with Stereosun. We are always open to suggestions. Tell us what you miss.

  • Up to 6 playing tracks
  • Add new tracks from your Dropbox
  • Paste audio files via AudioCopy
  • Reroute your output via AudioBus
  • One gesture volume and FX control
  • Combinations of different effects
  • Automatic Beat/Tempo Detection